Your ebooks are yours, period.

An NFT marketplace for Books

When eBooks become NFTs

At Prānah, our mission is simple: give our beloved readers ultimate freedom over the ebooks they own. You paid for your ebooks, they’re your property. So it’s only logical that you should be given full freedom over them: to resell them, to auction them off, gift, rent, or even burn them!

More layers to your ebook

As unique entities, your ebooks would have additional layers on our platform
pre owned
Special Person Pre Owned
first copy
First Copies
limited edition
Limited Editions
Author Signed

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Read & Annotate

Dive into the books you love, and annotate them while you read it. Annotations make a book come alive. It’s an added layer, a story within a story. Each of your annotations are attached to your particular ebook, and they change hands with the ebook. A note written by your father in his favourite book can be passed on to your daughter, in time.

Read and Annotate


As your property, you are able to resell an ebook you own, and you decide the price. You can auction them as well, of course. A portion of the value goes to the author/publisher, as content creators.



You can rent your ebooks out, without worrying whether you’ll get them back. Choose a time period to rent them out, and choose the price you want to rent it on. Sit back and relax while your ebooks make you money before coming back to you.



Publish your books on our platform, and get royalties on any secondary transactions on the ebook NFTs, in addition to the direct sales! A whole new revenue stream gets opened up, a much needed help for the publishing community.


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