Your ebooks are yours, period.

We believe that consumers should have ultimate freedom over the ebook copies they own. An ebook should behave pretty much the same as a paperback, minus the carbon footprint and luggage space.

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Every single ebook, each copy of every title, is unique!

To achieve this, each copy of ebooks is represented by an NFT(non-fungible token) on the blockchain to give it a unique identity.

Publishing and secondary interactions

Just like how you can resell your paperbacks or give it away to your loved ones, you are entitled to do whatever you want with your copy of the ebook that you bought.

Now, suddenly, you can rent your ebook to a stranger across the globe, and with the guarantee that you’ll get it back in time ;)


The amalgamation of the reader’s mind with that of the book. Annotations are the soul of a book - each copy comes alive with the unique annotations that its users add to it over time. These annotations travel with the copies when they change hands. A story within a story.

Adding more depth to your copies.

Adding an additional layer to your ebooks, now you can know which copy of the title you have bought: whether it’s the very first copy that’s ever sold, or the 1 millionth copy. And you’re more than welcome to monetize on that aspect!

Let us know if you’re excited about what we’re building!

The project is close to launch, and we’d love to know if you’re interested in becoming an early adopter of the platform.